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Real Tax Relief with a 1033 Exchange

Real Property Trust & Estate Planning believes in the rights of landowners as written in the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Property, due process and just compensation aren’t just words to us. We’ve spent decades studying and applying this Constitutional Right.

The United States Constitution provides a process for landowners, whose property has been taken by a government entity, to receive just compensation. Real Property Trust & Estate Planning is a landowner advocate and will:

● Partner with You to Navigate the Eminent Domain Process
● Show You How to Maximize Your 1033 Replacement Property
● Save You Taxes on Eminent Domain Awards and Settlements

Internal Revenue Code §1033 is the process created and approved by the federal government which allows the property owner to achieve just compensation by nonrecognition of gain
resulting in the elimination of taxes on eminent domain proceeds.

Real 1033 Exchange Experience

Based in Central Texas, Real Property Trust & Estate Planning provides a unique perspective because of the rapid population growth which has created massive infrastructure change. Transmission lines, pipelines and roads are constructed daily across the state of Texas. Since 98% of the land in Texas is privately owned, the power of eminent domain is used in the Lone Star State more often than any other state. Our education comes from real experience with real landowners. In Texas, when you do your job well…news travels fast. However, when you do your job poorly…news travels faster! So, we understand the need to provide real results.

Real Property Trust & Estate Planning was formed by partners with over 100 years of combined investment experience. Our background includes working with landowners, farmers, ranchers, big city and small town landlords, Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) sponsors, eminent domain attorneys and CPAs. We assist you in the process of analyzing and selecting replacement properties to reasonably accomplish the most beneficial and tax-efficient 1033 exchange.

Real Property 1033 Exchange Connections

Our clients say the #1 reason they partner with us is our connections. We’ve been around awhile and forged wonderful working relationships with a long list of experts.

Eminent Domain may be the power, but condemnation is the process. We understand this process has many moving parts and requires several trusted advisors to assist the landowner. We understand this. As a result, we maintain working relationships with:

● Condemnation Attorneys
● CPAs
● Right of Way Specialists
● Realtors – Farm & Ranch, Commercial and Residential

The financial recommendations we offer the landowner who is impacted by eminent domain is born from years of working with these professionals. We know what works because we have “quarterbacked” exchanges by connecting with landowners through their CPAs, attorneys and realtors.

Failure of an exchange occurs, most often, due to a lack of communication between two or more professionals. We’re at our best when we keep the lines of communication open between all professionals and the landowner.

We have experience managing every step of the 1033 Exchange process.

DSTs — A Simple and Innovative 1033 Exchange Strategy

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